A to Z Challenge 2017: Withdrawing The Challenge

Yes! You read that title right! I am withdrawing the challenge this year.

After great contemplation and trying to set up a theme for the challenge during March and working on it for almost two weeks – for me, it is indeed a sad announcement to make. However, due to some personal emergency, I have had to stop working on whatever I had prepared and take note of the priorities on the other end.

I believe it is too late for me to start with this challenge, now, that I can pick up things where I had left. Hopefully, I will take this challenge again next year and successfully make it through. I wish all my fellow bloggers all the best with the April A to Z Challenge 2017.

In the meantime, I will publish whatever couple of posts that I had managed to get through before things went south. Do stay on the look out, in case you are not yet subscribed to my blog.

Thank you for your time and I would like to apologize to you in case you were really looking forward to my theme. Until next time!


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