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To drop that extra payload and to move further upward into the space must be a scary feeling; but then, it is worth it for the experience – the view outside your world and the moments that you embrace with the select few who came along working their way alongside you. #ShootForTheStars

When a Metro coach smiled…

Usually, I board the designated cab to office every morning. Sometimes, when I am late or when I feel the need to keep my sanity intact, I use my car or take the public transport (a ride on auto rickshaw and Delhi Metro) to commute to work. On these days, I am at my very best since I interact with… Read more →

Music – Through various dimensions!

I do not exactly know where to start from. Music is something that is unexplainable in words, in thoughts, through signs or anything mortal. Music is hypnosis, an immortal form, a different world. Music is not something that you can listen to. You live it! Even when you are alive, you float to a different world, different time, different space,… Read more →

My experiments with an ant

Funny as it may sound, but greater the impact it had on me! It will be even more funny when I tell you the place of experiment! It is – “the toilet”! Wondering what I’m up to?? Well, I was in the toilet answering nature’s call and having a piece of mind(and stomach as well!) when I suddenly saw an… Read more →