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Sorry, I cannot buy that!

“Mere bacho ki kasam, mai pehle bahut ameer tha. Mujhe bahut ghumaan tha paiso par. Par aaj mai yaha subah 10 baje se ghoom raha hu aur mujhe 800 rupay aur chahiye. Mere bache ki fees poori ho jayegi. Ye dekho, maine itne(takes out money from his pocket) ka samaan bech diya hai, please belt le lo. Mai bheekh nahi… Read more →

Music – Through various dimensions!

I do not exactly know where to start from. Music is something that is unexplainable in words, in thoughts, through signs or anything mortal. Music is hypnosis, an immortal form, a different world. Music is not something that you can listen to. You live it! Even when you are alive, you float to a different world, different time, different space,… Read more →

My experiments with an ant

Funny as it may sound, but greater the impact it had on me! It will be even more funny when I tell you the place of experiment! It is – “the toilet”! Wondering what I’m up to?? Well, I was in the toilet answering nature’s call and having a piece of mind(and stomach as well!) when I suddenly saw an… Read more →