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Stairway To Heaven

There he stood – The Fighter, The Warrior, Bare, with his armor broken, a silhouette of the dreams of the King and the Queen; scaling the mountain highway of the hell that had been. There he fell – The Fighter, The Warrior, Glistening and shining – majestic scarlet on the head, a heart of sandstone – flaunting his acidic erosion of the will, trailing… Read more →

Keep Trying!

Burn me in the strongest fire, put me in the deepest hole. Strike my temple with a wooden pole; skin me, spice me, feed them my glaring bones.   Cowards, go run your books, live the dirty little tricks you know. “Yes, sir!”, “No, sir!”, “My pleasure, ma’am!” “M’amour!”, “Mon ami!”, “Mon petite mademoiselle!”   Whip my heart and clock… Read more →

Another World

When tears don’t flow, When your heart doesn’t know, When your past is taking its toll, And you cannot go hey-oh! All that you want and all that you need, is a shadow that scratches your wound too deep. When your mind’s elation is an image that you breathe, and omnipresent are mannequins you don’t heed, Take the anger down… Read more →


Every morning is a stop, every evening a start of fight through the night, as I go insane, as I writhe for the right. I twist the fate, to, carry this bag of bones, but these daemons won’t stop trying. Torn inside out, I yearn to earn respect more than life. Unscathed pride is the prejudice. Of the mother and… Read more →

Winter Rain

Brisk paces and trembling voices occupied the night, creating symphonies that are often recognized. “Hide in a corner, light a fire, cuddle up, as the ice conspires.” A lonesome man drifted through the streets, deserted pathways figurative of his melancholic beats. Shivering through fog of smoke, he looked for the stars to guide him home. He tried to find the… Read more →

Shade of the grim!

As the night falls, my eyes go dark, as the night falls, I say with a heavy heart, as the night falls, shall fall thee, Cause when it comes to survival, I ain’t losing my spark.. I haven’t spent my days alone burning to die, I haven’t walked a lonely path to reach an a dead end, I have talked… Read more →

Plastic Skin

On a glorious day, or on a curious night, I don’t see you without a smile. But you know it well, don’t you? Cause even I see it, yes, that’s true. Your eyes say it loud, Your body shouts it out, Under a plastic skin, You’ve got a made-up chin, It’s always up, just a smile no frown. Under the… Read more →

Wonder Woman

Glistening skin, sparkles in her eyes, You’ll always want to see her silky locks flying. She’s got a smile that’s worth a billion sighs.. She’s a wonder woman! She is cool as morning breeze, and hot as fire.. Her melodious voice always inspires.. She can call you a bug yet make you smile, She’s a wonder woman! Oh yea oh… Read more →