Music - Through various dimensions!

Reflections May 18, 2012

I do not exactly know where to start from. Music is something that is inexplicable in words, in thoughts, through signs or anything mortal. Music is hypnosis, an immortal form, a different world. Music is not something that you can listen to. You live it! Even when you are alive, you float to a different world, different time, different space, all new dimension. It is the story of various lives.

You must be thinking what am I talking about suddenly and why the fuck am I so philosophical. It is because I just lived various lives, went through different times, different situations. I was hypnotized, mesmerized by real music. I just felt each and every beat, each and every chord that was plucked, every note that was reached. I just lived through everything that happened. Come to think of it, what was I listening to? Some old slow rock songs. I have been listening to different types of songs, various genres but slow rock is something that always fascinates me. It is something that can never be really ignored once you are in it. You listen to it once, you get lost in a world, an imagination or reality, maybe its just hallucination, something of no importance at all maybe, but then I see those dreams that connect to every single story in those songs. And guess what?

Guess it?

I know you cannot.

All these songs, all these stories within each one of them - They all have been in my dreams without any particular info that I had of anything regarding the songs, their lyrics, the stories... It just connects. I have been having dreams, call them premonitions, but I do not know of exactly what? I can barely even remember what happened in them, but even then I can still recall I have seen them. And they just appear again in front of me in the form of these songs, these worlds - that were created years before I was born.

Let me tell you the song that really made me write this column - The End by The Doors

Just listen to it once, close your eyes, sit back in a silent place and enjoy. Not just this song, but any song by Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Bob Marley or any other similar band or artist. They just do not write a song or sing a song, they create a new world, a hallucination maybe, they hypnotize you! They take you to a different dimension. And I was thinking exactly how do they manage to do it? HOW?! These old classics; why can someone in this age not actually make something like this? Or if they do, why are they still unheard? WHY?!

I thought for not less than a few seconds and that was while I was listening to this song. (I heard Stairway to Heaven - Led Zeppelin & Wish you were here - Pink Floyd before I hooked onto this song). And then, I got lost into the music again, even while thinking of so many things! I had to think about it, but I knew only one thing after the song finished - I wanted to play this song once again. I had to literally close the window to stop myself from doing that because if I did, I would not have been writing this post.

So, coming to the point, what actually makes these songs stand out like this? Why people who booze, fag or dope love these type of songs? Why are these songs stereotyped with such people?

It is because they take control of you. Or, in other words, you lose control over yourself and that is exactly what you always have wanted to do. So you just get into the rhythm, lose grip on your body, let your soul fly with the mesmerizing sounds, those chores are forgotten, the pain, the emotions are felt. You relate everything. You take it out and want to keep it away because you feel better. You compare yourself with the feeling of a soul that flies out of a dead body, leaving behind every single worry, every single emotion except the feel of the song, those melodies, those sounds. It sounds a bit dramatic, but if have ever really felt a song, this is how it feels. And this is how a person who has ever boozed, fagged or doped will explain to you how it feels. Mind swirling, worries gone, a happy feeling because you feel you are not alone.

The music is so powerful. Hats off to the people who created it, rather discovered it. The intensity just goes on increasing every second, every moment. You get lost under the influence. Check out this video of Bob Marley. See how he gets lost even while singing at a live event - "No woman, no cry"

That is the power of music. Ever thought what can music do? It can actually collect the thoughts of our mind and connect us to our dreams, in less that a minute of it! How do these guys who have been successful at making so influential music done so?

Simple! They write lyrics that tells a new story to every other person; they write lines that can be perceived differently. Moreover, they manage to give it a tune that helps in giving your thoughts, your perception a boost. With every single moment that passes by, you get lost into a dream world. And this is not just it. There is more to it.

Remember those Bhajans and Aartis and all that religious music that has been there for centuries? Ever thought how it still passes on - generation to generation? They do the same thing. Take you to a different world. Make you believe there is something called GOD. Makes you realize his existence. Nobody's ever seen him but everybody still believes him. Your dreams - you haven't actually achieved them, but these songs take you there and makes you realize it. That's how it works.

Music is just a way to run away from the reality. It is just another form of diversion that we have created. But it works wonders. Makes you philosophical. Makes you believe there is more to life than just dying one day after doing nothing. MUSIC is a form of a new dimension. It has no limits. And that is why people turn suicidal - Because they want to live in a life that music makes them belief there exists. And they think that it is only possible if they quit this life. Many famous artists have committed suicides. Most famous age for that is 27. I cannot figure it out why? Maybe they did. But it is very famous. And if you have never heard about it - Just Google - Club 27!

And have fun finding what's up!