My experiments with an ant

Reflections May 18, 2011

Funny as it may sound, but greater the impact it had on me! It will be even funnier when I tell you the place of experiment! It is - "the toilet"! Wondering what I'm up to??

Well, I was in the toilet answering nature's call and having a piece of mind (and stomach as well!) when I suddenly saw an ant in the wash basin. It was trying hard, very hard to get out of the basin but in vain.

Thinker as I am, and the place where the incident took place, which is the best place to think as all the shit is below you(literally as well as morally), my brain started working. Looking at the constant tries as well as the constant failures of the ant with that consistent effort being put in by the ant to get out of the basin, I was reminded of the story of the spider climbing the wall. But my analytical mind was not to be stopped at just that! I kept observing the ant. What I found was that when the ant went to the steeper side of basin, it dropped down at lower altitude than the times it went to the less steep area. His path selection determined the height he could reach before falling off again and starting up over again. This clicked another thought in my mind - 'The path that we select decides how far we will go much more easily. The path taken matters more than just hard work.' If we choose wrong path and still put the same effort, the results will be less favorable than what would have been if the way selected was a different one than the traditional one.

Out of sympathy for the ant and the lesson it taught me, I decided to help the ant reach out of the depths of the basin. I put my fingers just below the ant but didn't push it up. That moment, I realized that another lesson awaits me. This time it was - 'God help those who help themselves'. Indeed another valuable one! But the experiment didn't end there. I kept observing the ant. With the support of my fingers that prevented it to fall down to same depths again and equally strong willpower, this time the ant succeeded to get out of the basin.

And this made me realize many things:

1. Desire, Hard work and  determination pays!

2. Where there's a will, there's a way.

3. Along with hard work, if you choose the right path, success and victory is yours!

4. God help those who help themselves!

All this, I learned from a small and generally pesky ant who decided to drop off into my wash basin at just the right time! Ironical, how things like these teach you lessons and change your attitude for a lifetime!

God bless!

PS: No ant was harmed during the experiment. The activists from PETA and similar organizations are not required to investigate further. The only harassment that the ant may have faced would be "the not so unusual smelly" attitude that everybody possess in toilets! But that was the ant's own mistake to drop into my toilet's wash basin!