Shade of the grim!

Poems & Songs Jan 27, 2013

As the night falls, my eyes go dark,
as the night falls, I say with a heavy heart,
as the night falls, shall fall thee,
Cause when it comes to survival, I ain't losing my spark..
I haven't spent my days alone burning to die,
I haven't walked a lonely path to reach an a dead end,
I have talked to mirrors on those lonely nights,
had a laugh or two without fearing a cry,
I have faced myself, who are you now?
I have faced the soul's wrath...
Go die to hell or kill for the heaven, I don't care,
Go live in a rotting palace or a furnished barn,
You've had your chance, now is my time,
I did not cross this heart to live on your dime,
The night has fallen so dark, darker on you,
This sound of silence is not lonely anymore,
It is my companion, friend for life,
more so in death, than your heart and your soul.
Starving for life, I eat for the end,
You have no right to be jeering, my friend.
Foul hearts have their place in my hell.
The night goes dark, darker on you,
I am the shade of the grim....