1 min read ◄Wonder Woman

Glistening skin, sparkles in her eyes,
You’ll always want to see her silky locks flying.
She’s got a smile that’s worth a billion sighs..
She’s a wonder woman!
She is cool as morning breeze,
and hot as fire..
Her melodious voice always inspires..
She can call you a bug yet make you smile,
She’s a wonder woman!
Oh yea oh yea oh yea yea..
(She’s) a wonder woman!
She’s got the wildest thoughts going through her head.
She chooses when she wants to make you wet,
She has the power so ever to take you higher,
She sets the world on fire..
Oh…she’s a wonder woman..
Na na na na.. a wonder woman..
Every night and day,
In every dream and life,
You’d always want her to be your wife..
(But wait)
She’s not so easy to get,
She’s not another one of them..
Cause she’s a wonder woman!
A wonder woman!