My Goal For The Next Two Years!

Reflections Jan 29, 2018

As I sit down and write this post, Billionaire by Bruno Mars is playing in the background on a random playlist. It is only a co-incidence that this track is on while I draft this blog.

Since the beginning of the year 2018, I have been on a train of thoughts on how to proceed further in life and what I want to achieve ultimately? By no means have I not put in a lot of thought earlier. I believe it is my inherent nature to think and overthink, sometimes. And it is not bad, at all. Thinking and planning, as an exercise, should be done annually and the results compared at the end of the year. For such a reason, starting this year, I will be keeping track of my progress on all fronts on a weekly basis. More about that in another section.

After much thought, sifting through plethora of websites, blogs, books, articles and magazines for guidance, I have finally come to a conclusion. With the attention span of a monkey and interest levels spanning various multitudes, considering we have so much to do in this world, the most important block all of us, including me, face is the ability to ensure a constant and consistent stream of finances to upkeep our lifestyles.

While filtering through all the guiding materials, I came across one article about a guy who was sent to prison for 10 years and who, now, runs an extremely profitable business. In this article, the said guy - Billy B. mentions that he enjoyed his prison time for one specific reason and for which he wants to go back to a similar lifestyle - his ability to do whatever he wished to, without worrying about the money. This really struck home with me, as well; as I am sure, it will with you.

Being a millennial and a guy in his mid-20s, financial independence and the ability to work on things that I am passionate about are probably the two most important items on my checklist, when it comes to life. With the extent of opportunities and speed with which the world is graduating, we simply cannot be dedicated to one item for the entirety of our lives. It may look like something to frown upon to a certain extent but a majority of the population today understands this. A lot has been said by leaderships and partners of corporate giants about millennials and our needs and how to keep us happy. These items usually prop up on the top 4 ways to keep ours, and the generations following ours, happy.

By no means, I want to be a billionaire (even though I would love to). However, I am psyched by the idea of financial independence, considering it would provide for a perfect platform for the activities that I want to really be involved with. The ability to build around my childhood and current passions and dreams, and the everlasting urge to do some good for the society calls for an expedited approach to attaining financial independence. I understand that this is not going to happen overnight, and therefore, as part of my goal setting process for the next two years, I put it on the top of my list. As of now, I am off to prepare the plan around it while you have some food for thought! I do have some ideas that I am developing on. Do reach out if you want to discuss and, possible, help me with it.

Until next time!