No-Shave November - MOVEMBER - A friendly reminder!

Reflections Nov 29, 2016

It is almost every guy's childhood dream to grow a beard and a classy mustache that will woo the ladies and declare that a child has finally grown up to be a man and done puberty right. As cliched and regressive as it may sound, it does take a man to grow and maintain a beard and a mustache considering the time, effort and patience the entire process requires. It is definitely not a child's play.

If you are with the trends and if you have been keeping alive, I am quite sure that you must have heard of the term - Movember or as it is popularly known - No-Shave November! The month for every guy to keep the excuses aside, let the laziness draw in and the hairy faces un-glow. Off late, this trend has caught up with the male society extremely fast and one can find majority of the men sporting fancy facial hair, especially in the month of November. Unfortunately, for those bearded guys, not many know the actual reason behind all the fuss. As the month comes to a close, this will act as a handy guide to the misinformed.

Q: What is No-Shave November or Movember?

A: No-Shave November or Movember is a worldwide month long campaign to create awareness regarding men's health issues, including mental health, prostate and testicular cancer and men's suicide. It involves creating awareness by growing facial hair and changing their appearance. The money that is typically spent on shaving and grooming is donated to cancer societies and charities.

Q: I heard that Movember and No-Shave November are organized by two different foundations. Is that true?

A: Yes, it is very much true! Movember was started by Movember Foundation in 2003 in Australia where the aim is to grow a classy mustache without a beard to alter appearance. On being asked about the new look, a Mo-Bro (as they call the participants) can and must educate the other person about why they are growing a beard and discuss men's health issues. The money generated from Movember is donated to Movember Foundation.

No Shave November, on the other hand, was founded on Facebook in the year 2009 that later entered into a partnership with the American Cancer Society and the money that would otherwise be spent on grooming and shaving the beard or mustache is donated to the American Cancer Society.

Q: How can I participate? Can I also participate even though I am a woman?

A: You have read this far and you have probably already grown that beard the entire month. You definitely know what you have to do. Go out there, educate more people and donate some money to the cancer foundations / men's health foundation.

Women can ideally participate by donating a month's worth of money spent on salon and parlor. For the ones who do not want to let go without action - No Shave November organizers suggest that you do not shave your legs (or whatever) the entire month to show support.

Q: I am not done yet! How can I make it a bit more fun?

A: One fun way to end the month long awareness campaign will be to go out and auction that beard. Yes, you read it right! Get the highest bidder for your beard and let the winner choose a new beard / mustache style that you can keep for a day before you ultimately shave it off. After all, all's well that ends well (with a little humor). This is not really a part of the campaign but a suggestion from my end. :)

Your own research is a must before you try to educate others to avoid miscommunication. May the mustaches and beards grow even more elegant every year!